Spring and Fall Seeding

A yearly top dressing and seeding in early spring and/or fall is recommended to give your lawn a head start for the growing season which starts in early May. Seeding is the best way to thicken your lawn especially in shaded areas where sod won't do as well. We apply a mix blend of sun and shade perennial grasses to ensure it grows in all areas of your lawn. With consistent watering and proper fertilizing the results of seeding will begin to show in 7-10 days.


Sodding is a great way to have your lawn replaced or repaired for instant results. Sod is recommended for larger areas where grass is to be replaced especially in full sun areas where it will take the best. Spring and fall are the ideal times to lay sod, it grows best when it's warm but not too hot. To ensure the sod takes it will need regular watering so it doesn't dry out.


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