Yard Makeovers

Has your yard been taken over by weeds, brush and other various vegetation?

Have no fear, Mortimer Lawn and Garden can give your property a complete makeover. From garden clean up, to bush, weed and brush removal. We will assess what you need to get your property in tip top shape for you to enjoy.

Eavestrough Cleaning

Having your gutters cleaned annually helps keep them flowing properly and prevents any icing up in the winter.

We recommend cleaning your eaves twice a year, once in the spring after the buds and keys fall off the trees and again in the fall after the leaves come down.

Brush and branch clean up

Mother nature can leave a nasty mess, especially with ice and wind storms. We can cleanup and dispose of large fallen branches and debris left behind. We can also trim smaller broken branches low on trees when required. For larger broken branches high in trees, we recommend well equipped tree services such as Davey Tree. Contact information can be found on our links page.

Weed Spray

Don't hire anyone to do your weed spray unless they are licensed and insured.  These are toxic chemicals and nobody should be spraying them on your property, around your children and pets, without the knowledge gained from the certification courses.

Rob is a certified owner and operator and will maintain every aspect Garden clean up and weeding Have your gardens become overgrown with various vegetation such as  weeds and grass?  Let us remove all debris, create new edges and turn the soil to revitalize your gardens. We can also continue with maintenance such as weeding and edging of your gardens through the entire growing season.


We provide your lawn with a core aeration to help keep your lawn healthy by allowing oxygen, water and fertilizers to penetrate deep into the soil. Aeration also helps lawns which have become compacted and hard over the years.

Hedge/Bush Services

At Mortimer Lawn & Garden, we can take care of all your hedges and bushes needs including planting, trimming and pruning, removal and disposal. We have the know-how and proper tools to get your hedges and bushes looking their best.

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