We began in the Martingrove and Burnhamthorpe area, two brothers pushing a lawn mower door to door looking for landscaping customers, under the name “Mortimer Brothers Landscaping” back in 1998. Shortly after its conception my brother moved on to another business venture and the business became “Mortimer Landscaping”.

Today, under the name “Mortimer Lawn and Garden”, we service over one hundred lawns seasonally as well as taking on several large backyard construction jobs every year. Our clients call us for everything from putting up their Christmas lights and storm windows to tearing out their old decks which we replace with new patios.

We are a professional and dependable company. This is reflected in our clients dedication to us. Most of our current business was received through word of mouth. Our clients are always happy to refer us to their friends and families.  Several of our current clients are the same people that took a chance that first season and hired a pair of brothers who were pushing a lawn mower down the street.

Our Crew


Rob has been operating Mortimer Lawn and Garden since 1998. He is professional, courteous and easy to talk to. Rob is a father of two and has been living in the Etobicoke area since 1994. When he's not working, Rob spends much of his free time playing hockey, fishing professionally in Salmon Tournaments and derbies on Lake Ontario as well as operating E-Fish-In-Sea Charters, his Lake Ontario salmon charter business. Feel free to ask Rob anything about your property, the services that we offer or fishing, I'm sure he'd be happy to tell you about the multiple prizes he's won.


Al has been working in the landscaping business for over 20 years and incredibly still young enough to be able to handle the high physical demands of landscaping.  Although Al is capable of doing any job requested he has an incredible talent for pruning shrubs and trimming hedges.  After the work is complete Al keeps busy playing hockey, working on his golf game and playing guitar .


An associate that has been around with us since the beginning and able to handle the toughest jobs that we see. Born and raised in the westend of Toronto he knows all of the in and outs of the lawns and gardens of Etobicoke. Mike is always happy to take the time to chat about your lawncare needs, music, politics or anything else that comes to mind, we just prefer if it's done after the work is completed. Don't be surprised if you catch him on the weekend jamming with his band in a pub downtown.


Chris was recruited from another landscaping company in 2010 he has been working in the industry since 2000. Chris is an expert in hedge trimming and garden maintenance but he is able to tackle any landscape job that comes his way. Chris spends most of his spare time with his wife and daughter but can often be spotted at the local baseball diamonds and golf courses in the summer.


Rob was a new recruit in 2013. Although he had no previous lawn care experience his dedication, eagerness and willingness to do anything that is asked of him has made him a very valuable employee. When he's not working Rob can be found maintaining his fantasy football league and cheering on his beloved Kansas City Chiefs.


Shane was a new recruit in 2014 and is our resident tree expert. A great guy to have on the crew as he is always upbeat and his jokes make time go by faster. It's a good thing Shane is such an easy going guy because as a former boxer, we wouldn't want to get on his bad side if he had one.


Tina a new recruit in 2014, is a long-time family friend and her lawn care experience comes from several years with previous employers. Tina's favorite pastime is hanging out with her grandson.


Jim joined our team in 2015 to help us grow our business. A hard worker, Jim is always on the go. Whether he's doing renovations on his house, going fishing up north, playing golf, driving his four sons to hockey games or playing hockey there's always something for him to do.


Tyler has been a long time summer employee working for us when he is not at The University of Waterloo.

*All of our employees keep current WHMIS certificates.*

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